Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Post by Cuti-CLUE-les

Good Morning Owlets!

Today's guest post is by Cuti-CLUE-les. And her nail art is to die for! And Disney! Wow! I wish I had this much talent! Nope not me, I can only draw stick figures!

Thank you so much Cuti-CLUE-les! :)

Don't forget to check out her blog after reading this post!


Hey all!

I am really into nail art at the moment so when Kirsten asked me to guest post I did a bit of detective work and checked out her blog for ideas :P Luckily I read the "about me" section first and discovered that she is a fan of Disney movies. I love animated films! So here's what I went for...

It's been years since I've watched Beauty and the Beast and doing this manicure just makes me want to watch the film so badly!
It's awful but I didn't even know they had proper names :P  My bad!

From left to right: Lumiere (candle), Mrs Potts (teapot), Cogsworth (clock) and Chip (teacup).

 I use a basecoat-any will do but I use Stargazer 114- just to protect against stains. All of the details are done using acrylic paint. Then just to finish  it all of I put on 2 coats of Essence Quick dry topcoat. I find that acrylic paint really sucks up your top coat so you might need 2 coats just to give it a nice smooth, glossy finish. I would recommend a topcoat when using acrylics because it really blends the image together.

I really hope ye liked this Beauty and the Beast inspired post! Freehand nail art takes a bit longer than stamping but I really think it's worth it and it's so satisfying :) Thanks so much Kirsten for letting me post today. It was such a fun mani to do :)


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