Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Reads - The House of Night

Welcome to another installment of Wednesday reads. Today I am featuring another series and not just a single book. The series is The House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast.

Mother and daughter team up to write a series on vampyres at a sort of vampyre finishing school. In this series, a teenager is "marked" as a vampyre and become a fledglings. They are then taken to a House of Night where they learn all about vampyres and their way of life as they wait to make the full Change to a full-fledged vampyre. But not all make it and some die.

This series centers on Zoey Redbird and her friends. Zoey is a special fledgling and has been given affinities for all five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. With her friends by her side she discovers that some vampyres have been misusing their special powers given to them by their Goddess Nyx.

I really like this series a lot, even better than the Twilight series! :) The characters have depth and connection. It is a pretty clean book, but there are cuss words and a few sexual scenes that push the limits of what I like to read. But I still do like these books. Now, I feel I need to warn you that there is a lot of talk about their Goddess Nyx and they do spells and rituals. If you are not comfortable with that then I would recommend you not reading this series.

What I love about this series is it is currently at nine books!

These are the first 8 books.

Destined is the 9th book in the series and I thought it was done. I mean the way it ends you expect more but way later like in a few years, BUT I found something while looking up the pictures for the books.

Hidden, the 10th book in the series comes out in October! I'm so excited! :) I love series and how you can be with the same characters the whole time! :)

There are also two published novellas and one soon to be released. These are about three of the professors at The House of Night and give some background on them.

There is also a fledgling handbook that gives you information all the information a new fledglings would need to know about vampyre history, rituals, biology and on making the Change to a full-fledged vampyre.

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