Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Smallage Haulage

So I thought I would show you the two amazing polishes that I received from Hailey from my swap group. These were both on my wishlist and they are both stunning! They are from the etsy shop Sparkles by Julie.

Macro bottle shot of Water Lily. "This polish is packed with gorgeous glitters in gold, holographic, black and a little bit of blue for good measure". Isn't it just super duper purdy! Swoon!

Macro bottle shot of Coco. "A cup of hot steaming coco(a), on you nails!!". Um, yummy! Doesn't it look delicious! Gosh I love it!

Thank you so much Hailey! I love them both!


This is not part of my swap but I wanted to show you all my two new stamping plates that I received from ebay! Aren't they fun! Keys on one and mustachios and lips on the other! FUN!

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