Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post by Manicurity

Good Morning Owlets!

Today's guest post is by Emma from Manicurity! She does some pretty bomb-tastic nail art and shares the geekiness with me!

Thank you Emma! :)

Don't forget to check out her blog after reading this post!


Apparently when I am asked to do guest posts I resort to glitter gradients! Sorry, I feel a little like a one-trick pony, but perhaps I can distract you with the shiny?

I've heard some nail ladies voice their disappointment in not seeing more attainable polish swatched and used on nail blogs lately, since some indies are just so hard to obtain - and I agree! So, I wanted to create a beautiful look with drugstore polishes that are easy to find.

First, I did one coat of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue! Sally Hansen XtremeWear is a brand I feel gets overlooked a lot, but it has some great colors and is usually on sale (like $2-$3). I paint slightly thick coats, but I only needed ONE! It was glorious. I topped it with SV and then did some glitter gradients starting from my cuticle.

I was inspired by my friend Elizabeth at Nailpolish is My Crack to do glitter gradients from the cuticle, plus a ring finger all-over accent. I sponged on Sinful Colors All About You, which has both micro gold and copper glitter. Then I sponged on some Milani Jewel FX in Gold to give it a more dimensional, molten metal look. On my ring finger I did a blobby coat of All That Glitters Gold Spotty Dottie (sorry, an indie) and sponged some of the Sinful Colors All About You on top.

Psst. Sally Hansen XtremeWear, Sinful Colors and Milani are available at a variety of drugstores and supermarkets for reasonable prices - and usually on sale. I'm a big fan of using CVS Extrabucks and they have a 'beauty' extrabucks program, to boot!

Thanks so much for letting me grace your blog for a post, Kirsten! I'm so glad we got to know each other at the beginning of this year doing the 31 Day Challenge and we share some geekery :)

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