Thursday, February 9, 2012

Massive Three Day Haul

A note in advance: please excuse the quality of pictures today. My camera chose today to start to act up!

So this is my take from my massive haul at my local beauty supply! How about some close ups!

I am sorry about the photo quality! But left to right of my increase of China Glaze: Midtown Magic, Watermelon Rind, Traffic Jam, Peace on Earth, Wagon Trail, and It's Alive (x2).

Why two It's Alive? Because it is such an awesome green I thought I could put it in a giveaway! ;)

OPI Ink (got two of these two, but only one is shown), Orly Prisma Gloss Gold, Color Club Fashion Addict, and Magic Attraction (so much holo glitter!)

Again you ask why two? Giveaway with OPI Ink! ;)

Essie Shine of the Times, Armed & Ready, Marshmallow, Jamaica Me Crazy. This is my 3rd bottle of Shine of the Times. Why would I need a third one? Giveaway! ;)

A set of dotting tools and two empty bottles for giving frankening a try! :)

That's a lot huh, well yesterday I went shopping too!

Ulta: OPI I Have a Hearing Problem, OPI Russian Navy Suede, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, OPI Planks a Lot (and now I have completed my Pirates Collection! Woot! Woot!)
Target I got the NYC Empire State Blue (clearance for 0.86!) and from Sally's I got Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe and Seche Vite. But if you bought a Seche Vite you got a top coat for free!

Whew! Is that it? Nope! Went again with my friend Liz from Liz's Pink Nails (sadly her computer has been acting up so she hasn't posted in a bit. But she gets a new computer Saturday!!!)

Sally Hansen Hue with companion Top Coat for $1.99! And this massive Color Club set! Which I need to get the names for!

And these are from Walgreens. Sinful Colors Unicorn, Cinderella (x2), Glass Slipper, Princess Cut, and Sally Hansen Hard as Cash. Such pretty colors too bad only Unicorn and one of the Cinderella's are mine. Whose are the other ones? Giveaway!!!!! The Sally Hansen Hard as Cash will go with the OPI, China Galze, and Essie for my 100 follower giveaway. And the Sinful Colors and the other two Sally Hansen will be for my next giveaway! :) So let's add some people! :)

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