Friday, February 24, 2012


So last week Walgreens had their Sinful Colors on sale for 99 cents! Woot! So these are the ones I bought! (l-r) Soul Mate, Kissy, Rise and Shine, Mint Apple, Savage, Nail Junkie, and Amethyst.
Amethyst is off on it's own because I bought it on a different day after seeing Jackie at MeMa's Mani's use it. It is gorgeous!

When I bought the cashier asked why I was getting polishes all the same color. Um, hello! They are not the same color at all! :)

Now for some sun shots of the bottles! (Didn't do Soul Mate as it's color was captured well in the first picture)

Here is Kissy and Nail Junkie. Kissy seems to be more of a glass-flecked shimmery duochrome (green blue) while Nail Junkie is green/gold/blue/teal glitter with teal base. Pretty!

See, totally different colors! This is Mint Apple, Rise and Shine, and Savage. Mint Apple has a sort of silver sheen to it. Rise and Shine is actually darker in the bottle than it shows here. And Savage is a very good Perry the Platypus color

Amethyst is a bit darker IRL. I'm going to have to do a comparison with it and OPI Funky Dunkey. 

Last week I also bought some more Pure Ice because I saw Caitlin's post on them: Pure Ice Comparison amazing! You need to go check it out! Gorgeous!

So I got Really Rio (thinking it was the Rio she used, it's not), Tease, Busted.

Sun shot! I can't wait to use them! Fun times!

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