Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Challenge: Your Favorite Spring Lilac

Here is my Spring Lilac. It is Color Club Fashion Addict from the Catwalk Queen Spring 2009 Collection. When I bought it the name was slightly familiar. And it's a pretty color. When I brought it home I did some searching and saw Scrangie's swatch on it. But then I also saw some other posts about a dud. I didn't know which one I had.

As you can see, mine has some holo. Not a ton like Scrangie's does but that could also be the weird angle I was at trying to get the photo. But even if it isn't super holo it's still a pretty color and finish, sort of suede-like! And sorry about the half in focus half blurry picture. Still trying to work out the new camera and it's settings. But in this picture you get the effect like some people do when they take a full picture out of focus. I just magically (and accidentally) did it in one photo! Ta-daa!

No Junk Nail
The Key to Jennasis
Nailpolish is My Crack

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