Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yesterday's Haul!

This is yesterday's haul! Crazy! I have never spent this much at once on polish! But it isn't all for me. I am doing a swap with Jewli of Fanning the Fumes, Katt of Kattatonic Fierceology, and of course Nicole of The Epitome of Superficiality. But some of those polishes are mine too! The dotting tools and the two empty (going to attempt a franken) at the top are mine, plus some others! :)

Also, hidden in there are a few polishes that I am going to be giving away once I hit 100 followers. Two more people is all I need! :) If you look closely you may see a certain luxeffects flakie; a green glitter from a halloween collection; and an OPI purple/blue (a perfect base for that flakie!)

So tell your friends about my page and then we can have a giveaway! Something else fun might be added that likes to have a little ring on it's cap but who knows!! ;)  I haven't decided if there will be two prizes or just one. Because I don't know how to split them up! :)

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