Thursday, March 15, 2012

Essence Vampire's Love Collection Part 1

So for right now I only have two of the polishes from this collection in my possession but I do have two more (Hunt Me if You Can and The Dawn is Broken) coming in a swap this month! I just need Into the Dark to complete my set! :) These two that I am showing I got from Gwen at SpaceLife Thoughts

This is Gold Old Buffy. A gorgeous black base with gold glitter throughout! Two coats of loveliness!

A bit blurry but I wanted to show you a close up of it! Isn't it loverly?

 Macro bottle shot! Gold! :)

This is True Love. This purple is stunning, I think even The Crumpet (she has a soft spot for purples) would agree! ;) This is two coats.

Closeup! See....stunning! Gorgeous!

Macro bottle shot! Purple goodness!

These applied like a dream, a dark gothic nocturnal dream! :) Now I just need my swap to get here so I can have two more to add to this collection. And I am on the prowl for Into the Dark.

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