Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Envy Week 7

Here is Week 7. They are strong and not peeling. I love this stuff! You can see that there is some missing from the bottle now. I use this with every mani that I plan to have on for a day or more. I don't use it for my quick swatches. But I am a believer now! I've had less breaks too! Yippee!

This is back to the first time I used Nail Envy on February 18th 2012. I've filed my nails down a few times, so judged them on the length! :) But overall they are healthier and stronger! I love Nail Envy!

(The first picture is a bit blurry because my battery on my camera is almost dead and I forgot to charge it. It takes a few hours to charge! Sorry! It's also taken and a different time of day)

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