Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 20, Water Marble Nails

I made it! I did it! Water marbling is done and over with! It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It just took a long time! And it wasn't as perfect as I wanted, but not too bad for a beginner! :)

I started out by painting my nails with one coat of Color Club French Tip (it's a white polish). I did this so that the polish in the water has something to grab onto to. I then used Sally Hansen: Twisted Pink, Wet Cement, and Going Green. All three of these polishes are part of the Xtreme Wear line and seemed to work wonderfully! But then again I don't know any better!

On my pinky finger you can see some water-spot marks. I didn't quite get all of the water off. And the grey-like shadow thingy on my ring finger is some goobies from doing the marble process.

I used two tutorials for help: Alyssa from No Junk Mail has an awesome tutorial and so does Sarah from Lacquerish

But they didn't fully go into the goobies! Sure they said to make sure to unhook the polish before lifting you nail out of the water, but I got sooo many goobies! I think it'll just take time.

Hello? What is this? This my dear readers is my right hand! It's so hard to take a picture this way! But I had to show off my pinky finger! So perfect! But so many goobies on the other nails! (middle and pointer). Oh well! It's done!

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