Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail Mail!

I'm so very excited! In the Polish-aholics Anonymous facebook page we are doing a secret valentine. The limit is $15. I signed up for an international valentine and I actually got one! :) I got it today!!! Before today I thought I could hold on to it and not open it until February 14, or at least February 1st. But I caved! Gave in to my carnal pleasures and opened it! Here is what I got!

(Catrice Beam Me Scotty!, P2 Groovy, P2 Forever, Essence Nail Art Twins in Julia and Romeo)

So excited! These are my first international polishes!
  >_< Squeee!
I feel like jumping up and down (actually I literally did when I saw what I got!)!
There were five Kinder chocolates but I ate one before the picture and am currently eating another one! I haven't had Kinder chocolate since I lived in Canada years ago!
I'm so excited (no other words fit, sorry for the over usage) for my first Catrice polish! And my Nail Art twins! I've only heard of P2 never really seen much of them but these are really gorgeous and I am excited to use them!
I got all of these lovelies from Steffi at Me, Myself and Nail Polish
Thank you again Steffi I love them all! And I am so excited  ecstatic (found a new word!) to use them all! I will post pictures! :)

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