Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Inspired by Music

So this week's challenge in Adventures in Stamping is Inspired by Music. I knew right away what I was going to do. Now, some of it didn't stamp all the greatest but I think it still works. Do you know the song or the band? To me it's obvious! I'll let you wait a bit while I give you the technicals! :)

I used China Glaze Stone Cold, from the Hunger Games Collection as the base. It is a lovely matte that looks like a suede. So is it a suede then? It lovely whatever it is. The application was normal for a matte/suede. Make sure you get enough on the brush and apply quickly because they dry fast! I used Konad Special Red on three nails with the image from an Essence Plate (why you know number your plates Essence!). I then used BarryM Gold Foil for the girl, image plate B37 of one of my fakey fauxnad plates that I got at my beauty supply store (I have two of these plates, one I got in a giveaway and this one, but they aren't the exact same! yes!).

Have you guessed the song and title? How about a video to help you!


The Cranberries Zombie! My most favorite band ever! And notice how I made the little zombie girl in gold like Dolores O'Riordan like in the video! :) Yep! And those red images are suppose to be cranberries! Hahaha! Look more like olives but they work! I loved this challenge a lot! :)

 Here is one coat of Stone Cold before I stamped. See more suede-like appearance than a matte. But I like it what ever type a finish it is. :)

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