Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - Accent Nail

So sadly I had to clip/trim my nails down. Had a huge break in one and one was peeling. First time I've done this this drastic since using Nail Envy. And now they are nubbins! :'(   And you'll see that some are even more nubbin than others, sorry for the unevenness. -cringe- But I don't want to make the others even shorter, so hopefully you don't mind! Anyways, onto the Tealicure!

Waaaa! Nubbins! My pointer and middle fingernails look a ton longer in the picture but it really isn't that bad in person. Sorry!

Today we chose to do an accent nail. Now that I barely have a nail full nail designs totally fit! :) hahaha! I used China Glaze Custom Kicks as my base. There is more shimmer in the bottle than that actually shows on the nail :P. I then used a whole bunch of Kleancolors to stamp with (Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, Metallic Fuschia, and Metallic White). I used Konad plate Q. I promise I did really! I also added Orly Prisma Gloss Silver to add sparkle!

I followed Jennius' Multicoloured Stamping tutorial at Gold Speck Nails. It's really awesome and you should all go read it! :)

Crazy macro of accent nail. See, you can see the candies and shapes and the cupcake from Konad Q1. See, I used it! :) Didn't turn out like I wanted but oh well, at least it's still fun! Maybe? :)

Here is China Glaze Custom Kicks on it's own. Gorgeous teal with "gold shimmer". You can kind of see it on the macro shot...sort of.

Again sorry for the uneven nails!

Teal Tuesdays was started because teal is unloved and needed its own day of celebration!
Teal is a medium to dark bluish green color of low saturation; a dark cyan.
Open to interpretation, anything green with a hint of blue or blue with a hint of green is welcome here!
Aqua, Turquoise,Tiffany Blue, etc etc...all are welcome - we do not discriminate!
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