Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Haul

So this is going to be a short quick post. I'm not feeling too great to be all witty and clever! :) hahaha! But I thought I would show you what I picked up over the weekend at my local Sallys (I think the ladies there are starting to recognize me!).

Top (l-r): China Glaze Strawberry Fields (pink with a gold shimmer!), China Glaze First Mate (Navy Blue creme), China Glaze Ingrid (Brown with a gold shimmer).
Bottom (l-r): Beauty Secrets Base Coat (I use these for the quick swatches and I like it a lot!), Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape (blue with what looks to be a blue flash), and Sketch-y (brown shimmer).
I also bought some pure acetone because I heard it's really good for cleaning stamps and for clean up of nails!

Can you see a color theme going on? :) I decided I needed some more dark blues in my collection so I picked out the blues first. Then the it was buy two get one on all their polishes! I did buy another polish but it was for a swap and has already left. But none of the other polishes were "speaking" to me but then I remembered reading a post about Ingrid and fell in love (this is the post by Nailside: China Glaze - Ingrid), so when I saw it on the shelf I had to get it! Also, I'm really love these polishes with the gold or silver shimmer in them! Hence my purchase of Strawberry Fields! Sketch-y was just really pretty and needed some love too!

Do you have any of these polishes? 

So I have another question:

Do you as readers like haul posts or nail mail posts? Right now with work and school I like to do them because they give me a break in doing manis and I can put them together really quick. But I hope (in three-four weeks) to give you more manis and tutorials and such!

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