Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Buck the System!

Here is my it's Spring? Who cares I'm going to buck the traditional colors mani! :) I don't pay attention to all the fashion rules. I wear what I want to wear and think others should too. This was brought up in one of the facebook groups I'm in and so I thought I would do a mani on it! :)

I used Zoya Yara, one coat. She is a gorgeous army green with a golden shimmer! Zoya doesn't really like me so I wanted to give it a try. My accent nail is Forever21's Love & Beauty polish called Rust. It is a lovely orange/rust glitter in a clear base. It's just a quick accent that I thought was fun, not my best mani, but we are all allowed one of those every once in a while, crap! Didn't I just say that on Sunday? Shoot! My not-so-great-mani allowance is up! Best kick it into full gear! :)

Macro bottle shot of Yara to show off it's golden shimmer!

Close up (not really a macro shot) of Rust. How fun is that?

I'm really wanting a nice brown glitter. After applying Rust I thought some brown glitter would be fun, but I don't have any. Do you know of any?

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