Monday, April 16, 2012

Swap Group: April Swap!

This awesome package came from Yvonne in my swap group. I literally oohed and ahhed when I opened them! :) Well, wouldn't you? I mean look at all the pretties!

First up (l-r): Barielle U-Concrete-Me, Ginger+Liz Ivy League, Butter London Rosie Lee, and Essie Da Bush. The last two are off my wishlist and I am super excited! The Ginger+Liz brand is a new brand for me and it looks gorgeous! I'm not really familiar with them and I looked them up and they are vegan! How cool is that!? The Barielle one is a gorgeous grey creme! Yes! Another grey! I'm so happy! :) When I read the name I laughed because I assume it is a take on the Jerry Maguire "You complete me" but I soo read it as Ralph from The Simpsons reading the valentine card from Lisa: "You choo choo choose me?" hahahaha! Love it! Ah Simpsons, so many life truths!

Next up (l-r): Finger Paints Haute Taupe, KleanColors Peaceful Heart, Franken Grey Grape, and Lacquistry No Name. I'm excited for the Finger Paints one because I don't have many lighter browns and I really do need lighter browns! :) The Kleancolor one is totally awesome! Here, let me show you:

Macro bottle shot of KleanColor Peaceful Heart:

Wowza! A clear base with green holo glitter and glitter hearts! I love it! If you don't count hexes as shapes, then I believe this is my first shape glitter! Super excited!

Macro bottle shot of Franken Grey Grape:

You can kinda see the sparkly goodness at the top of the label. Flecks that flash purple in a grey/purple base! I'm really excited for it! This was made by Yvonne! And she told me it might actually smell like grape too still! Super excited! I opened it and there is a kind of grapey smell to it! :)

Macro bottle shot of Lacquistry No Name:

Holy awesomeness! Look at that! A crapload, an awesome amount of micro blue glitter with blue/silvery hex glitter! Can't tell yet if it is a clear base or a bit of a blue base. But I am loving this! I haven't tried Lacquistry yet and I am super excited!

Thank you so much Yvonne! I love them all!

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