Friday, April 27, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 5

Day 5 = Season 5 LOSTicure

Here is my representation of season 5 of LOST:

Thumb: represents the remains (foot with four toes) of the statue of Taweret where Jacob lives. This is also where Jacob dies.
Pointer: RIP Jacob.
Middle: represents Sawyer's name, James "Jim" LaFleur that he takes in 1974-77 when working for the Dharma Initiative.
Ring: represents the Ajira Airways plane that the Oceanic 6 took to get back to the island.
Pinkie: the chain represents the chain that pulls Juliet down the Swan's metal shaft, she falls down the shaft and trapped, hits the bomb with a rock until it explodes. Her death (which occurs a bit later) was really sad because I liked her and Sawyer together and I was sad for Sawyer.

Here are the technicals for the mani:

Thumb: Finger Paints Go van Gogh!, Sally Hansen Deep Blue Sea, China Glaze Ingrid, OPI Skull & Glossbones, and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.
Pointer: Mayer Disney Villains Ursula 39 and Wet n' Wild Black Creme.
Middle: Essence You Belong to Me, Cheeky image plate CH 14, KleanColor Metallic Sapphire, and Wet n' Wild Black Creme.
Ring: Zoya Sooki and American Crafts Travel Rub-ons.
Pinkie: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.

What did I love about this season?
-that Jin isn't dead like you thought in the previous season!
-Daniel's and Charlotte's relationship and the story she tells him before she dies about meeting him when she was a child.
-finding out that the smoke monster resides under the temple
-a lot more scenes with Richard
-finding out that Locke isn't really dead....or is he....da da daaaaaaa! :)
-learning more about Jacob

What did I hate about this season?
-I didn't really like the off island scenes.
-Daniel getting shot by his own mother when she was younger! (mind trip!)
-the whole scene with Juliet being pulled down the shaft (poor Sawyer!)
-Ben killing Jacob 

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