Friday, April 13, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday! -Daring Digits

So last week I showed you my recent purchases from Daring Digits (click name to sent to etsy shop). I thought I would start up a new feature, TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday! on Fridays that will showcase the Indie polishes that I purchase.

Today I am only showing you two polishes (out of the 4) from Daring Digits. Next Friday I will show you the others, I want to try and make this a regular feature on my blog.

 This here is Mrs. Peacock by Daring Digits, one coat. Inspired by the board game: Clue. As you can see it is still sheer. I didn't really have any problems getting the glitter out of the bottle. The formula was a bit gloopy but not too bad, it made it easier for the glitter to stick together and actually be used! I love the bright blue of this polish!

This is two coats and look at that color! It's a little bumpy but it's a glitter so that's to be expected. The glitters in this polish twinkle and shine and give the polish an almost metallic quality. Gorgeous! I love it!

This is one coat of Why So Serious? Inspired by Batman villain, The Joker. Very sheer and not super purple when it is only one coat. I tipped the bottle before using it, trying to get the bigger hex glitter to distribute throughout but it didn't really work. And with this coat I had 5 hex big hex glitters spread though out the mani. Which is alright because I am going to do two coats.

Two coats. Huh. No hex glitter, well maybe one. But there is so much hex glitter in the bottle that I think the next time I use it I will use a toothpick or orange stick to swish it around more than just tipping the bottle. But, I still love this polish. It's a deep purple with bright green glitter that just pop will color off the nail. Very unique. This one dried very quickly so I had to brush it on fast. But it didn't leave streaks so I'm not complaining! I love it! It's very dark just like the Joker. I wish I had thought to layer this polish to see it pop as a top coat. Hmmm, maybe I will do that as a mani later on!

Don't forget to check out Daring Digits, she currently has a Hunger Games line! And she has written that she has a new base polish that suspends her glitters better! Less shaking and more enjoying! Stay tuned for next Friday's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday, where I feature two more Daring Digits polishes!

Oh! And happy Friday the 13th! :)

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