Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nail Mail of Millions!


What are these? Why they are 3 of the Catrice Million Styles the an amazing Gwen from SpaceLife Thoughts! I asked if she could get these for me and she was a real trooper and suceeded! I only wanted these 3 and I am super excited! Thank you so much Gwen, you rock!

Polish butts! (l-r): Holo Que Tal?!, Return of Space Cowboys, and Godfather of Pearl. You can tell that the bottles aren't all the way full. Gwen was really awesome and warned me about that, she said all the ones at the store were like that. I am ok with that because these aren't available here so any that I can get I will take! :)

 Macro bottle shot of Holo Que Tal?! Super excited!

Macro bottle shot of Return of Space Cowboys. Gorgeous!

Macro bottle shot of Godfather of Pearl. This one was hard to capture on camera but I love it!

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