Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nail Mail of the Cult Kind!

So, I've joined a Cult.........Cult Nails that is!

Boo-yah! My first polish burritos!! :) I bought these when Cult Nails was having their $5 sale! I never thought I would ever own one Cult Nails polish let alone three! Now, these weren't the first on my list but some of her supplies were low, but these were still on my list! She is going to be having another $5 sale soon for those that were low on hand. :) Oh? You want to see the polish? Ok!

In a Trance (yes I need another olive green!), Power Thief (and another brown!) oh and I love that my Power Thief is spelled wrong on my bottle's bottom sticker. It says "Power Theif" :), and Time Traveler (go Doctor Who!) I am very excited to use all of them! I've heard they apply like a dream. Well, we shall see!

Do you ladies take advantage of this sale? What colors did you get or what colors do you already have? Do you love this brand or is it not for you?

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