Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nail Mail Diva!

So there is this amazing lady named April at Munia's Nails (you should check out her blog!), I've talked about her before. But guess what she did? She sent me one of my lemmings!

Meet OPI Diva of Geneva! Stunning! She harkens back (yep harkens) from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection. She is a gorgeous shimmery plum with some gold in there! Beautiful!

Here is one coat of Diva of Geneva. A bit sheer but I was in a rush and knew I was going to add to it. But the application was wonderful like most OPIs.

One of the stipulations of this amazing gift from April, is that I do what she has done on this awesome post: The Diva Loves Max!

Yep! Layered Max Factor Fantasy Fire over OPI Diva of Geneva! Wow! This is such an amazing combo! Like they were made for each other! Look at that shimmery goodness! You can even see the color shifts on parts of my nails. Love it!

Not the most in focus photo, but does it really matter when you see this? Look at that shimmer and color shift!

Thank you so much April! I love love love it! You are the best! :)

Don't forget to tune in next week for an amazing week! 6 days, 6 manis, 6 ladies, 6 tv seasons! :)

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